Awakened Designs

Evoking Love & Beauty In People & Places

I've always loved to make things beautiful.

And I've always been attuned to subtle energy, the life force behind our material world, the invisible world, so to speak.

And guess what? Whether you know it or not, so are you. You intuitively know what feels good and what doesn't.

You've probably gone into a room or a building that technically looks beautiful. Maybe it was even done by a designer. But even though it might be chic and put together, it doesn't feel good to you.

Conversely, you may have gone into a very humble home and felt like you never want to leave. You might not consciously know what the difference is, but you can feel it.

So even if the energy in your home or office is below your radar, it is still affecting you. Why not learn how to use it to your advantage?

My background is in urban planning, but I left that profession because I felt I was putting bandaids on bad design. I also have extensive experience and training in body centered psychotherapy. Now I love integrating the two to help people create soul satisfying environments that make their heart sing. It makes my heart sing too.